Sunday, September 5, 2010

home! (for the next two years)

Hello, world!

Well, I made it to Neuwied (although not without incident) via a few days in Geneva, where the BVS Europe coordinator lives.  Geneva was beautiful and the weather was nice (thankfully), although a bit warm some days.  High points include taking a tour of the UN, seeing the place where Michael Servetus was burned, and walking to France.

And now, some photos:

jet d'eau and mont blanc
the Jet d'Eau, some buildings, and Mont Blanc

flags at the united nations office
Flags and such at the UNO

buildings and boats
Geneva at sunset

After a few days in Geneva, I took the train up to Neuwied, which is in southwestern Germany.  It's about 50 miles south of Köln.  I'm living in a three-bedroom apartment (with two other volunteers/interns) that takes up about half of the third floor (US counting).  My room is pretty big -- I have a bed, a few shelf-y type units, a built-in closet (really uncommon), a large desk, a couch, and a stereo system that may or may not function.  I'll post photos at some point, but I'm still kind of moving in and don't feel like taking any photos now.

I'm living in the same building where I work, and it's definitely a situation in which you have to make a conscious effort to a) get out of the house regularly and b) stay away from your office on evenings and weekends, unless you're actually supposed to be working at those times.  Now that the weather is reasonably nice and it stays light until 8:30-9ish, that's easy to do, but it'll be harder in the winter.

Anyways, I can't really think of much else to write, and I want to go out and sit in the sun and read for a bit.

If you want to contact me, e-mail, Facebook, IM, and such are always options.  I'm also reachable via mail:
Ellen Zemlin
Postfach 13 22
56503 Neuwied